English Courses by Concentration for Fall 2021 (New Major)

Beginning in fall 2016, the English major was restructured. Relevant courses taken before that time can count toward the major. Students enrolling at UVM for the first time in fall 2016 must use the requirements for the new major. Students who enrolled before fall 2016 may choose to complete the former major or the new major requirements. The new requirement include four concentrations: British & Anglophone Literary Traditions, American Literary Traditions, Cultural Studies (at the 100-200 level), and Writing (intro to 200 level).

British/Anglophone Literary Traditions

ENGS 134 A Black Death (CRN 95968)
ENGS 134 OL1 D2: Comparative Epic (CRN 96029)
ENGS 164 A Modern Poetry (CRN 95970)
ENGS 221 A Grief & Loss Early Modern British Literature (CRN 95975)
ENGS 320 A Langland (CRN 95976)

American Literary Traditions

ENGS 150 A Hamilton & Friends (CRN 94243)
ENGS 156 A The American Slave Narrative (CRN 95969)
ENGS 164 A Modern Poetry (CRN 95970)
ENGS 281 B Post-apocalyptic Fiction (CRN 94292)

Cultural Studies

ENGS 112 A Black Identities (CRN 95997)
ENGS 189 A Craftivism as Women's Activism (CRN 95971)
ENGS 281 A Adoption Narrative (CRN 93364)
ENGS 360 A Immigrant Literature (CRN 94297)


ENGS 104 A CL:Tutoring Writing (CRN 91262)
ENGS 114 A Documentary Writing (CRN 95949)
ENGS 114 B Playwriting (CRN 93365)
ENGS 117 A Advanced Creative Nonfiction (CRN 93366)
ENGS 117 B Advanced Creative Nonfiction (CRN 93365)
ENGS 118 A Advanced Writing: Fiction (CRN 91445)
ENGS 119 A Advanced Writing: Poetry (CRN 91263)