439 College Street, Hillel Hall

In collaboration with UVM Hillel, the Exploring Jewish Culture program is an opportunity for students to connect to Jewish life in meaningful ways: socially, academically, religiously, culturally, and personally.


Find your home, engage in new experiences, and explore what Jewish life means to you in this inclusive and supportive community where the whole person is valued.

In the Exploring Jewish Culture Program, students will broaden and deepen their understanding of what Jewish life can look like, finding their connection to Jewish community.

Engage with Jewish life in a multitude of ways. With diverse programming options offered right outside your door, you will have the ability to explore your passions and how they connect to Jewish life.


Here students will have the opportunity to better understand themselves so they can better understand others and the world. Through diverse programs such as Shabbat dinners, Jewish learning classes, social gatherings, volunteer opportunities, and access to all Hillel programs across campus, students will be able to discover Jewish life on their own terms.

On-campus housing for the Exploring Jewish Culture Program is located at 439 College Street.

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Lindsey Sigal
Engagement Director, UVM Hillel
Email: lindsey@uvmhillel.org
Phone: 802-238-4326