Move-in for incoming first-year and new transfer students will be Wednesday, August 23 and Thursday, August 24. Returning students move in on Sunday, August 27. 

Check to confirm your scheduled arrival date and time.  Check back frequently for regular updates as more info is available.


1. Pre-Arrival Information

  1. Double check your move-in date and time on the Room Assignment, Roommate, and Arrival Date/Time page at
  2. Review What to Bring/Not Bring to the residence halls.
  3. Connect with your roommate/roommates! You can reach out via email ( Please keep in mind that you may not hear back right away-- some folks may be traveling, spending time with loved ones, or simply haven't transitioned to checking their UVM email. 

2. During Move-in

  1. Check-in and pick up keys at your permanently assigned residence hall main desk (view campus map and follow directional signs). 
  2. Move in! 
  3. When unpacking and unboxing items please be sure and separate all of your packaging from the boxes. This includes foam blocking, packing tape, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, etc.Bring everything outside to the front of the building and utilize the special recycling and trash containers that are setup specifically for student move-in. Please empty and flatten cardboard boxes. 

3. After Moving In (incoming students)

  1. Connect with your Orientation Leader (OL) and great ready for Orientations! 


During move-in, you will not need a parking permit to park in the regular spaces of residential lots. To be considerate of others, you must pull up to your residence hall as space allows, unload your vehicle, and move to an alternate space away from the building.

  • Parking officers will be monitoring to ensure emergency equipment has access through these areas.
  • Parking regulations will be enforced as usual in non-residential lots.
  • No campus shuttle service will be available during move-in.


To ensure you retireve your mail and pacages throughout the year, visit our Residence Hall Mailing Street Addresses page.

You will receive your mailbox number and combination at check-in. Each residential complex has its own mailroom.

Please do not ship packages until the week before halls open. Be sure to have things addressed to you (not your parents). Be sure to use zip code 05405. Mail and packages with incorrect address information may be delayed or returned.


Your first and last name
Your residence hall name and room (or mailbox) #
Street address for your complex (check here to find the street address for your residence hall)
Burlington, VT 05405


During move-in (and after), students should submit a fix-it for any maintenance issues or assistance. 


After add/drop period, we will share the details of our room change process.  Why?  We want you to settle in, make UVM your home and see how you actually like the experience of your assignment, learning community and roommates. You will receive an email with more information about this process


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