The two-year on-campus housing requirement is an important part of every student’s UVM education.

All first-time, first-year students are required to live on campus for four semesters. Our data suggest that students who live on campus adjust more easily to college, are more involved in the campus community, and have more academic success.



Incoming Students

Current Students

Transfer Students




  • First-time, first-year matriculated students who maintain a course load of 12 or more credits each semester have priority for on-campus housing.
  • Transfer students under age 20 before the first day of classes.
  • Degree students returning from a leave of absence or after withdrawing are guaranteed on-campus housing if they have not yet completed their four-semester residency requirement.
  • Degree students returning from a judicial suspension are guaranteed on-campus housing (upon approval from the Dean of Students Office) if they have not yet completed their four-semester residency requirement.


Degree and non-degree students who are part-time, but intend to enroll in at least nine credit hours may request housing, but it is not guaranteed. If their enrollment drops to fewer than nine credits at any point during the semester, they are required to meet with their residence director or area coordinator, and we reserve the right to terminate the housing contract.


Students not registered for classes (who have either withdrawn voluntarily or been suspended/dismissed) are no longer eligible to live on campus. They have 48 hours from the date of withdrawal to remove all belongings and check out of their room, and must follow standard checkout procedures through their residential complex office manager.

International Students

  • International Undergraduate students are required to live on campus following the standard four-semester requirement.
  • International Exchange students are required to live on campus except in certain circumstances (contact the Office of International Education with questions).

  • If you are required to live on campus, we will send a housing contract to your UVM email account after receiving your name from the Office of International Education (OIE).

LGBTQA+ Students

Partnering with the PRISM Center, we offer on-campus LGBTQA+ students housing options to support their success.

Gender-inclusive housing is an option for anyone interested in rooming with someone of a different gender. Please contact us for details.

Students with Disabilities

  • Incoming students who require a housing accommodation should contact Student Accessibility Services upon acceptance to UVM. Comprehensive documentation is required and requests should be submitted by June 30 for best consideration.

  • Current students must renew housing accommodation requests each year.

Military Veterans

Veterans who have completed two or more years of documented military service are welcome to live on campus, but are not required to.

  • New-student veterans will automatically receive a housing offer.
  • Transfer students should submit a housing request in
  • Want to live with another veteran? Please contact us.
  • Read about UVM Student Veteran Services.

Non-Traditional Students

  • Who are age 23 or older should fill out an on-campus housing request in, and can also apply to live in Affiliate Housing.

  • With families can apply to live in Affiliate Housing as well as seek support from the Office of Student and Community Relations.