ResLife Terms & Conditions

The Residential Life Housing and Meal Plan Contract Terms & Conditions is a living document. The Department of Residential Life reserves the right to change, modify, and/or amend any of the information in this document, notifying residential students of policy or procedural changes as they occur. The latest version of these documents are available as a PDF below.  


Possessing or consuming alcohol is prohibited in University housing, even if the student is 21 years of age or older. If under the age of 21, the possession or consumption of alcohol is a crime in the State of Vermont. Additionally, selling or furnishing alcohol to a minor is a crime in the State of Vermont.

The use of any form of cannabis or other drugs is strictly prohibited in University housing and represents a violation of state/federal law and a violation of University policy. The University will enforce the Student Alcohol and Other Drug Use Policy through fines and appropriate disciplinary sanctions up to and including suspension or dismissal from the University. The Department of Residential Life can take additional administrative actions.

more on cannabis

UVM Student Alcohol and Drug Policy (PDF)


SMOKE-FREE HALLS: Smoking any substance or creating smoke through the use of incense, candles, or other scented or unscented smoke-producing items, including electronic cigarettes and hookahs, is strictly prohibited.

TOBACCO-FREE INITIATIVE: UVM is a non-smoking institution, and a completely tobacco-free campus. This initiative prohibits all tobacco use on all University-owned or leased property: no smoking, no e-cigarettes, or tobacco-chewing anywhere on campus, inside or outside. There are no designated smoking areas on campus, not even in parking lots or in cars. We believe this will make a healthier environment for everyone.

Tobacco-Free Info

UVM Tobacco-Free Policy (PDF)


During quiet hours, no noise should be heard from outside a room or suite. Regular quiet hours are:

  • 11:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. Sunday through Thursday
  • 12 midnight to 8:00 a.m. Friday and Saturday

We expect residents to reduce excessive noise any time it annoys roommates or neighbors. When quiet is requested, noise should not be heard more than five feet outside a room or building. If a room or suite is cited for a noise violation, everyone present will be held accountable.


POSTING: All posted materials are handled by the ResLife main office. Please contact us with any questions.

  • Maximum poster size is 11"x17."
  • Posters must include name/contact info of individuals or event sponsors.
  • Materials that violate University policy or state/federal laws will not be approved.
  • ResLife staff will post and monitor approved materials on bulletin boards in the residence halls.
  • Posting on walls, windows, trees, light posts, benches, signs, or any other areas outside the residence halls is prohibited


SOLICITATION: Residents or UVM student groups* may request to staff a table, distribute literature, or conduct other forms of non-commercial solicitation in lobbies/common areas of our buildings, as long as they register themselves at the ResLife main office 24 hours ahead of time.

*as defined by the University of Vermont Group and Organization Recognition.

All other requestors should refer to these UVM policies below (and any other applicable University policies).:

Solicitation Policy (PDF)

Facilities and Grounds Use Policy (PDF)



Read Political Campaigning FAQs

The University does not permit any candidate, campaign, or other interested party, regardless of their University affiliation status, to engage in solicitation, campaigning, or other door-to-door canvassing activities in student residence halls, staff or faculty offices, or other private work or living areas.

  1. Incidents should be reported to Residential Life staff and/or UVM Police Services.
  2. Canvassing activities are limited to publicly accessible areas consistent with the University’s Solicitation Policy (PDF).
  3. Candidates and others may contact Residential Life staff about using publicly accessible areas in residence halls.
  4. Find answers to frequently asked questions here. More information is available at University Relations.
  5. Please direct any questions about this policy to Wendy Koenig in the Office of University Relations (email:, phone: 656-2992).



Political Activities: Tax-Exempt Organization Restrictions

  • Canvassing: "The University does not permit any candidate, campaign, or other interested party to engage in solicitation, campaigning, or other door-to-door canvassing activities in staff or faculty offices, student residence halls, or other private work or living areas. Canvassing activities are necessarily limited to publicly accessible areas consistent with the University’s Solicitation Policy.”
  • Institutional Resources: "University employees and students are prohibited from using institutional resources (such as, but not limited to, funds, vehicles, FAX or duplicating equipment, supplies, services, intercampus mail, or mailing lists) for political campaign purposes, except as permitted by this Policy. When using campus email or other electronic format for any political activity announcement, an institutional disclaimer must be prominently featured within the communication. In addition, they may not use the University seal, letterhead, symbols, or other proprietary marks of institutional affiliation to endorse, or for or on behalf of, political parties, campaigns or candidates.”


Solicitation Policy

Non-commercial solicitationstudent residence halls: "In conjunction with the policies set forth in the University’s Housing and Meal Plan Contract Terms & Conditions, all non-commercial solicitation by residents or UVM student organizations must take place in the lobbies and common areas of residential complexes (i.e. the spaces that connect residence hall buildings together, where the main desk is located). Residents or UVM student organizations seeking to staff a table, distribute literature, or engage in other forms of non-commercial solicitation must register between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday, at the Department of Residential Life’s main office located in Robinson Hall. All other individuals and groups must follow the procedure set forth in this Policy and obtain the appropriate forms from the Director of Conference and Event Services or designee. No resident, UVM student organization, or other individual or group is permitted to engage in any door-to-door canvassing activities, such as solicitation or campaigning, in the student living areas of residence halls.

“Non-commercial solicitation includes, without limitation, petition drives, public opinion polling, membership drives for recognized groups and organizations, preaching, proselytizing, political organizing, political canvassing, and political campaigning. It also includes charitable fundraising for the benefit of the University, University recognized groups and organizations, or other nonprofit or charitable organizations.”


Posting: “The posting or placing of flyers, signs, notices, and posters on doors, windows, exterior and interior hallways and walls, trees, utility poles, campus light poles, statues, signs, trash cans, ceilings, benches, sidewalks, and vehicles, and the use of ‘lawn signs,’ is generally prohibited on University property … Flyers, signs, notices, and posters may, however, be posted on bulletin boards that are open to the public, provided that they must be removed immediately following the event they are advertising.  All indoor and outdoor bulletin boards will be cleared of postings on a regular basis. Postings made in violation of this Policy are subject to removal. Materials such as bumper stickers or decals that can damage University property are prohibited in all instances, as is graffiti.”